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03/12/2005: "OC! --- j/k"

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OK, so who elst watched the OC?! It's such a cool show. Just kidding! So who watched the OC JUST to see the new Star Wars trailer? I forgot to set my tivo, now I have no trailer. Can anyone send me a Tivo file or something? sad I can DL things, but they all look crappy or have crap sound. DAMN!
Bitching by Adam @ 04:20 PM PST

Replies: 3 People Bitched

On Wednesday, March 16th @ 04:08 PM PST, -swfan said:
dude, do a search it's available everywhere and the quality is actually pretty good. It's sweet.
On Sunday, March 20th @ 08:01 PM PST, pam said:
how can you forget to set your tivo?!
On Tuesday, March 22nd @ 11:22 PM PST, Adam said:
Sorry I don't watch the OC. Plus I'd rather watch Joey and Will and Grace.