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03/22/2005: "VEGAS BABY! [Vid]"

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In case you didn't hear, Adam went to Vegas with the boys from work. A little breather from work before the Armagedon hits. (We just got word today that, yes, it hit. I now work 10-9 M-SAT, but I digress) A whole weekend of gambling, alcohol, and chicks... Minus the um chicks. Apparently, they all got wind that it'll be crappy that weekend for spring break. Damn we shoulda gone to somewhere like Cabo or something HAR. moO tells me it's cause you have to be 21 to do ANYTHING in LV. That sort of didn't dawn on us... duh. confused Since when did they get rid of all the coins in the slot machines!??! Damn, that's not fun anymore. What they SHOULD have done was keep all those coins in the machine, then at the door they'd have a Coinstar or something. LOL How do you have no coins in the slot machines!?!?!?!??! LAME!!!

Damn now I have to sift through 300 emails sad ... At least I'll be able to have a chance to relive my time there in a few months. E3/Vegas trip BABY!!! ...

Oh yeah, did I mention we left RIGHT after work at 8PM, drive 10 hours to get to Las Vegas, party, then come Sunday 12AM, we drove back JUST in time to go back into work. Ugh. I'm STILL tired... big grin

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