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03/26/2005: "Hockey Friday, Score: 2-4 WIN, Record: 13-7-1"

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Misfits 220421

I don't do this very often, but I'm going to give you a lesson in SPORTSMANSHIP. Luckly it's only one lessong. Lesson: When the opposing team does NOT have a goalie... DO NOT let your guard down. Play the game as if they have extendedly pulled their goalie and are allowing you to score on them... Why do I say this? Because, you have no idea how the other team is going to play, with or without the goalie.

Case in point. Tonight's game we played half a game without a goalie, and when we did finally get Tyler, not much action was happening. Sure, they scored 2 goals in the first minute. I know damn well they let go a little bit. But, four minutes after their last goal, I score a goal. Then nine minutes later, their goalie is playing with the puck behind the net (I have no idea wtf he's doing, 'cause he sees me coming.) I take it away, wrap around, and score another goal. It's now 2-2.

In the second period Daves scores one, then Byron scores one. I must remind you, this is STILL before Tyler AND Gary show up for a little breather.


Ok my grats: Grats to me for a decent game (finally) 2g 1a 1penalty (lame), Grats to Byron for a 2 point game (1g 1a). A BIG Grats to everyone who played, way to show THEM no mercy. One more game before playoffs, keep that winning going!
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