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03/30/2005: "Hockey Monday, Score: 1-3 WIN, Record: 14-7-1"

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TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 102318
Usual Suspects010118

I have to say, it was a good end to an even better season. But it's not over yet, it's playoff time! I'd have to say, what a stupid time for a game; Monday night 11 something PM. Everyone's tired, hungry, just got off work. Even more so for me, I really JUST got off work, I didn't have any dinner nor much sleep the night before. =P It's long over now and we went out with a nice W. A little funny story about this game, even early in the game everyone was skating a little drag-ass. Other than the OBVIOUS, I'm thinking because this game really didn't matter to either of us, we're already locked in for playoff spots, and there's no sense in getting hurt before playoffs.

Grats to Russ for a two point game (1g 1a), and Darryl also for a two point game (1g 1a) and the game winning goal.

We have a bye the first round of playoffs so rest up, but not too much (stay off the couch!), grab the stationary bike and get ready our game, Apr 10 6PM.
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On Thursday, March 31st @ 10:33 AM PST, Ko said:
Oh-you're such a hottie ADAM. it's no wonder ms. linnie talks so fondly of you. don't tell her i told you. =)
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Um, thanks? But, not true. =P