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04/28/2005: "WTF Adam, Wheres the Updates?"

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I realize the lack of blog crap, looks, content, etc. Everyone can blame EA and the crazy hours they make us work. No, we can't sue; we're paid hourly so we do get paid for the hours we do work. I promise that SOOON I will be able to work on a few goodies for my little space. But until I do, suck it up and deal with it, LOL.

Rumor is that we will be switching to the 12 hour a day, 6 day, alternating weekend days. Actuall, for me, that means 15 hour days (2 hrs lunch/dinner + ~~1hr travel time) plus time allowed to wake up, and more time to wind down after. It ain't gonna be pretty. On the UP side, I have MUCH to look forward to in the upcoming month (other than the obvious hopefull of the project ending and going gold.)... There's Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith... HUGE E3 gamer nerd gathering in LA...EAsy Squad Las Vegas trip, pt.2... It's gonna be a blast! Too bad we couldn't time E3/vegas better so that we could finish the project, make it to E3, then stay in Vegas for however long we damn well please. Now we gotta rush back to work again like last time. Only this time we MUST be on time as our time then will be CRUNCH TIME! Oh well, there's still much time to think about it. We still have to worry about where to stay or how we're eve, gonna get there. I can't wait!
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On Thursday, April 28th @ 08:16 PM PST, shia said:
ea is goddam crazy man. 6 day, 12 hours?! guess you wont even have time to save the extra money you'll be making. that is, until the contract is up!