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05/01/2005: "Hot Topic T-Shirts [Links]"

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Holy F'K... I would never think of it but, Hot Topic has the DOPEST t-shirts EVER! I don't usu like going into the store 'cause it ain't my thing. But, holy crap! A couple weeks ago I bought one shirt, I bought a black shirt with the Star Wars Imperial symbol on it... I SO wanna buy all the Napoleon Dynamite shirts LOL. Here's my next purchase.
Bitching by Adam @ 11:26 PM PST

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On Monday, May 2nd @ 05:36 AM PST, Linnie said:
hahahaha!! but of course! where do you think i got the napoleon dynamite gear for xmas for me and my friends?! but they don't have the key chains that deb was selling and napoleon said that he already made a gazillion of them at summer camp, but my friend made us some, so we have those too...