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12/20/2005: "Sharks Hockey"

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Archived Entry:
Went to my annual Sharks v. Ducks game today. Sharks completely stomped on the Ducks, as opposed to what happened last Sunday. I got to witness Cheechoo's first career Hat Trick! What an awesome game. I also saw Drew Remenda! Hehe, that goes up there with my sighting of Tony Hawk. Funny thing, I finally ran into someone I knew, at a Sharks game. That's never happened before. I saw Ken from my hockey team there. Also, Eric from hockey WAAAAY back, who's around my brother's age was on the Jumbotron or whatever its called. He was wearing a Duck's jersey and everyone boo'ed. LOL. I could've sworn I saw Darryl there, but I'm not sure. Um that's about it, heh. That is, until Dec 30th; where I'll wear my Avalanche jersey! =P
Bitching by Adam @ 11:31 PM PST