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01/09/2006: "Adam Mugshot, Remember This Mug [Pics]"

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Remember this picture. Why? Because for at least 6 months you probably will not see this face again. I may be wrong, but just a FYI. What am I talking about? I started PCI today and they have a strict dress code. We'll see how much I can get away with. Curious to see how I look now? Click [More] below...

God, I suck at taking pictures... ...Still need a hint? How about I tell you. PCI says I must be clean shaven, due to health regulations. However, I think I could have gotten away with what I had. We'll see if I can slip it in later in the courses. But me being Asian, my facial hair doesn't grow too fast, so slipping it in is more of a 2 month process to get it where it was before LOL.

Do I look young again? Can I pass as under 21? Hrm, I think I passed as under 21 before... But at least I still look older than my brother. ...It's the eyes. All the wisdom...

We'll it's started. First up, ServSafe; then I think next week, we start real cooking/baking! Wish me luck. I WILL miss tech... sad Too bad tech won't miss me.

Have I mentioned how much I hate it when people ask me if I'm copying my brother in going to a culinary school? 1. No, since high school I've wanted to go. 2. I'm doing the Baking and Pastry program, he's doing the full Culinary program. So there, /rude.

Before Starting

After Starting

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On Monday, January 9th @ 09:59 PM PST, guess who? said:
yes, you suck @ taking pix... all i can see is nose & chin! well, i shouldn't be talking. it still doesn't beat some of mine...
On Tuesday, January 10th @ 04:46 PM PST, Linnie said:
Aw, a hug? Sure---not too much white chocolate though. It doesn't go with my diet. =P Sounds like you're going to be having a whole lotta fun!!! If you ever have the time or the money, fed ex some samples of what you're making to me!