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01/31/2006: "Out Of The States"

Archived Entry:
So, Thursday the whole family is going to the airport and flying to Europe... Let me rephrase that. The whole family, but me, is going to the airport and flying to Europe. My dad's cousin has an art thing in Italy, and my family is going to go see it, and of course I can't go. Sure, everyone else took time off from work and school. But, right now, I can't sacrifice that sort of time. It's about 3 days off I'd have to take off. Actually, it wouldn't work out anyway, I think my final is Thursday. Man, and I wanted so much to go too.

There's only a handfull of places I'd like to go in my life time, Italy being one. I must go to Italy to see if I really do like the food, since if I were to ever go into culinary like my brother (unlikely), I'd want to be Iron Chef Italian, like Kobe! I'd want to go to France, mostly for the food too, but it'd be closer to my new future forte, baking and pastries. The Netherlands, 'cause it's half home (and the Red Light District, j/k ha). I'd want to go to HK, or somewhere in China or Taiwan, just because. And probably Japan and Korea. So, who wants to take some time off and go travel with me after I graduate? Heh... ...I suppose I'll have to wait until I retire.
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