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02/02/2006: "EA Is teH Suck!"

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So, in case anyone has been reading the San Jose Mercury News, or something like that, you'll see in the Business section today, on the very top in big bold letters, ''EA plans to lay off hundreds''. While it says only 145 from Redwood City and the rest worldwide, I happen to know a few of those ill-fated ones. What really gets me is that it reads, ''We are still hiring while we are doing these layoffs.'' [So, in your face!] So, that's why I haven't received a call back yet, not that I'd want to come back at this point in my life. In a way I'm very happy I found something I have a passion for and will attempt to make it my livelyhood. But, on the other hand, I wish all who was effected good luck to whatever path they decide on taking. It's a real shame too, because EA is the biggest video game producer in America (I believe... or at least that's what they kept telling us in the lame meetings I never went to...). I know many people who wouldn't want to work anywhere else. Anyway, GL guys... (and girls, though I don't know any effected but I'm sure there were...) ... I digress, good luck!
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On Thursday, February 2nd @ 08:57 PM PST, shia said:
u chump! u didn't go to italy?! you shoulda asked if you could move the final. at least try. bleh.