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02/03/2006: "Arg, I'm So Pissed Today"

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GRRRRRRR!!!! Today, my scones burned. I'll take the blame since I was supposed to check on them. However, I thought my partner was checking on them because I was doing all of our dishes, wrong. At the same time she lightly burned her biscuits. So, she took mine and used them as her own. I think Chef knows somethings up, 'cause he saw the burnt biscuits. He better not think it was mine. On the good side, he loved the biscuits.

What makes things worse? My brother just IMed me and said he just met Martha Stewart at a private party in his visit to Italy. I'd SO want to meet her! Martha's my sort of hero =( ...Well, minus the whole insider trading thing =P. ...ARG I'm so pissed right now.
Bitching by Adam @ 05:31 PM PST