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02/02/2006: "Intro to Baking Techniques Final"

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Well, my first section at PCI is over. I hope I did well in the multiple choice questions. It was a little confusing. There were a few questions on things we talked about maybe once; some not at all, but it was right next to something in the book that was talked about... Can anyone tell me how many teaspoons in 1/3 cup?

I'm pretty sure I did well on the practical. As you can see in the pics in the photo album, I'd have to pat myself on the back. HA. I'd have to say the FoodNetwork saved me. In cutting the sponge cake you'd think it's obvious on how to cut it straight, but n00b pastry chefs don't know that sort of thing; unless they got lucky, got help, have done it at home, or watch too much TV (like me). Oh well, I tried my hardest, and I think I did rather well. Yay, me...
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On Friday, February 3rd @ 08:52 AM PST, shia said:
it all looks reaaaally good. and i don't even like desserts that much!