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02/07/2006: "Muffins and Cakes [Pics]"

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So, if you take a look at my photo albums you'll see some new pictures. Yesterday, we made these great apple-pecan muffins, and omg were they good. Good to eat, good to look at. It's really great when you get praise from your Chef. He actually used the word "beautiful." My lab partner made chocolate-honey muffins. So, why didn't Adam make the chocolate item? I can't exactly answer the question, because I don't really know. Usually, I'd be the first to jump at anything chocolate. But, I decided to broaden my knowledge for non chocolate items. However, chocolate will always be #1 for me.


Today, my lab partner and I worked together, astonishing isn't it. But, I'd have to say it turned out well. Take a look at the apple nut muffin pictures. Can you see the swan in the cake? I caught Chef eyeing our cake a couple times, heh. He seemed to like the swan and the defined lines. Some groups had better swirls, but I like our swan. =)

Tiger%20Cake Tiger%20Cake

Have you checked out my chocolate strawberries? I'll make some for you for a small price. j/k ... for now. LOL


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On Thursday, February 9th @ 03:24 PM PST, Shia said:
damn, i'm here stuck doing biostats hw and you're baking swan cakes.
that totally rules.
what's with the double-blog?