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02/13/2006: "Croissants [Pic]"

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A little hiccup with my day today. My partner and I made the wrong thing on Friday and things kinda were messed up today. We were supposed to make croissant dough on Friday and prep or start the puff pastry if we had time. Unfortunately, we did the exact opposite. Lucky for me, my lab partner didn't show up today and even luckier still someone else's partner didn't show so I shared her dough. So, I guess I owe her tomorrow. Since my lab partner didn't show, I had to do her clean up job. I hope she remembers this for when it's MY turn.

The first time I ever made croissants, I was very green, even more green than I am now. I didn't understand how the butter (fat) was supposed to work (I think one time I just melted the butter into the dough, DOH!). Last time I think I worked with too soft a butter and it just oozed out of the dough... YUCK! Now, I know better... I hope! =)... Today's croissants were huge successes, I'm proud to say the came out almost perfect. I had a small size difference to what I was supposed to get, but not too shabby. The look and even taste was great. I had to stop myself from eating them all... So much butter! I wonder what adventure tomorrow brings me.

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