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03/11/2006: "Pastries Galore [Pics]"

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I must apologize for not posting; my laptop has once again been out of commission for the past however long. But, a fresh format later, Iím back with more pics.

Above concluded my breads/doughs section. This included a baguette, Kalamata Olive Bread, and a really nice loaf of Sicilian White Bread.


Next is a really simple Apple Pie. My new partner and I did a little variation of the pie we were supposed to do, but I think it turned out well. Gotta love the great looking lattice.

While not the prettiest Napoleons in the world, the puff pastry used didn't flatten as I had hoped (and was required), it still tasted awesome with the raspberry glaze/filling. The Eclairs were my personal favorite. A funny story, I made a HUGE batch of the eclairs, but brought most of them home empty. One of my brother's friends took one from my Sur La Table bag (I bring the extras home in tupperware in that bag) and asked Phillip, ''Why don't these taste like anything.'' LOL, duh, there's no filling or coating! However, when filled and coated, yum!!! The third picture is my graded presentation with a slice of the previous pie.

Basically a large Caramelized Almond topping on a Short Dough Pie Crust. I'm not sure what happened to it, everyone took a piece. So, I didn't get any. =(

These were great, both making and tasting! We'll start with the Citrons, a layer of short dough in a barquette form (boat), small ribbon of raspberry jam, layer of frangipane (Odd, I know. It's an almond paste batter), Buttercream/Lemon Curd mixture, harden, and coat with chocolate. The harder version has a small marzipan rectangle on top with the word ''Citron'' piped on it. I'll do that next time in my free time, if it's not on the final.

Next are Napoleon Hats. Very easy, but very tasty. It's just Short Dough and green colored almond paste. wheee. But they look soo cool.

I've saved the best for last, also 'cause it was done last. Ha.

Starting from the top and moving down. Florentina Noisettes, Florentina Surprise (LOL, Surprise! there's no Florentina cookie on it!), Lemon Almond Tartlets, Senator Cuts, Toscas. I don't feel like explaining everything. I have to have SOME secrets! =) Unfortunately, this is not a picture of my products. There's a story and reason behind it. It's late, Friday afternoon (yes, AFTERnoon, I just said it was late), we're doing out daily wrapup (where we're critiqued and graded) and we have guests come in with the president of the school (they better be investors or something) and of course before they leave they HAVE to take a few. My table being the closest to the door, they take most of mine =(. The woman like took sooooo many of mine. What pissed me off the MOST, was the fact that she took my MOST favorite piece I've done in the class, AND the fact that it won Chef's best-of prize of the day! GRRRRRRRRRRR. I had a really nice display too, then they came and screwed everything up. I'm not usually greedy and leave some for the other classes, and sometimes end up giving pieces to everyone else in the class, esp if they didn't make it that day, but I didn't steal anyone's that day. I'm too nice HAR. I can't wait until make up day, I'll try to make more of these. Although, I think I'll just do some tomorrow, their THAT good. GRRR Stuffy white women piss me off, I hope she gains 45.5Kilograms!!! I swear if any of those get thrown away or gone to waste... GRRRRR!

Enjoy the eye candy.
Bitching by Adam @ 09:16 PM PST

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On Tuesday, March 14th @ 07:52 AM PST, Shia said:
45.5kg? is that the weight (actually mass, technically, hehe,snort!) of the butter you put in your goodies?
I know you did the friends "tartlet" episode. even i think of that and i don't even care about the show much!
i want the olive bread.
On Tuesday, March 14th @ 07:54 AM PST, Shia said:
Thse two pics look like alien napoleon hat spaceships attacking a standing army of citrons.
On Tuesday, March 14th @ 01:29 PM PST, Adam said:
I was trying to be a nerd, it's actually 45.36kg. What I meant to say is I hope she gains 100lbs HAR.

HA the Friends episode with Jon Lovitz yeah!

Of course you'd see alien space ships LOL