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03/16/2006: "Pretty Oranges [Pics]"

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I gave Shia a sneak peak 'cause I'm such a nice guy. LOL. However, seeing all of my creations in person is SOOO much better. Even so, seeing it in person one may overlook the tiny details put in some of the work. Case in point, my next delight.

It looks like a simple cake with some decorations on it. It is, sorta! But I like the tiny and very subtle detail that was put on the oranges. It's really hard to see, but the oranges have tiny dimples like their larger, real counterparts. But, how can a simple ball of marzipan turn into a tiny orange? Sorry, trade secrets =P But it looks pretty huh, heh.
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On Wednesday, March 22nd @ 06:18 PM PST, Linnie said:
I really have to come to Vegas! hahaha----do we just get to see it and not taste it? Jeeze---i'd gain a whole lotta weight from just tasting everything you've been making.