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04/12/2006: "Halfway and More Cold Plates [Pics]"

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Well, here I am halfway through my program and I haven't decided where to try to do my externship. I'm still looking for a worthwhile part time job, but being picky as I usually am, I've still come up short. Well, no more ''short'' than usual. I came home from school today, surprisingly enough, not tired. On the other hand I had this huge headache and I'm not sure what it's from. In any case I bring you my latest creations. I was a little disappointed with my presentations for both of these dishes. I felt it was missing something, also the fact that it both included frozen type desserts. Having fresh frozen type desserts don't last very long with out all the preservatives. =( Actually, I'm mostly just disappointed with my crappy photography skills. HA

Here is my Red Currant Sorbet in Magnolia Shells, made with strawberry/raspberry puree instead. Heh, we were a little slow in grabbing the fresh fruit, so we had to sacrifice. The magnolia shells are made with the same tuile paste as some of the other decorative items in my ''portfolio.'' I could have used an extra set of petals that the recipe calls for but it's ok. Like I said before, the frozen sorbet melts too fast to take any good pictures. I would have like to pipe it, but because of the forementioned problem, I decided against it. Also, I could have used more kiwi sauce, but it too was gone before I got to it.

Next is what Chef calls his Tropical Surprise Package. Surprise! It's made from tamarind. To tell you the truth, I snuck a taste of the parfait after it was ready, before one was put into the tuile package, and I'll have to say I will try to NEVER EAT IT AGAIN. So, one might say that I should definitely avoid durian. I like the look of this dessert, but if I ever make this anywhere I work, or for personal use, I will be using some other flavor like lemon. Honestly, I've done better ''sauce hearts'' before I started class. Another thing to add is that I should have spread out the kiwis more. =P Oh well, this is how I learn...

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