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04/14/2006: "Poached Pears & Tiramisu [Pics]"

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Today was a long day, not difficult, just took forever to end. I'm not saying its a bad things, since I love what I do, but today I just felt like sleeping in. But it's a good thing I didn't, because then I wouldn't been able to put these in my portfolio...

Look, it's a Tiramisu. Usually made with lady fingers, a sponge has been soaked in strong coffee, then topped with a white mascarpone filling, cocoa powder is dusted on, repeat and you have a delicious Tiramisu.

The full title of this is: Date-Stuffed Poached Pears in Phyllo Crowns with Brandied Mousseline Sauce. LOL, Chef is funny. It's amazing how easy this is. It's so easy I won't insult your intelligence by telling you how to do it... HA.

I'm not sure how, but a dessert snuck by me. I did this a while ago but for some reason didn't make it here. These were made 4/5 and nine days later it makes it to my porfolio, oops. These are Panna Cottas. Enjoy it before it melts away!
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