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04/19/2006: "Puff & Fruit and Dessert Plating Final [Pics]"

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Ok I'm gonna start today with a little fun pic I thought I'd like to share with everyone. We're a really tight bunch, and despite getting everything done and looking really great, we to let loose a little... OK maybe we let loose A LOT. Here's me with a big mouthful of buttercream, well not really...

Above are my plated Tropical Mousse Cakes. Yummy!!! On top is a kiwi gelatin, then under is a layer of kiwi/orange ''tropical'' juice, then a layer of chocolate almond sponge, repeat. Surprisingly light on the tongue, and has a blast of tart flavor.

I cut off the isomalt sugar decorations because you've probably seen them before, but these are my crème brûlées part deux. I have to stay a slight improvement from the original. I mean, slight, since how do you improve something that's already perfect... j/k LOL. No, seriously, pretty much the same but better caramelizing. Oh, and, no, that isn't an alien man on my friggin' crème brûlée. I'm hoping that when I open a shop or become an Executive Pastry Chef somewhere nice, that I can use it as a signature.

So, the easty part is done, now it's time to pray for me and the written test. Wish me luck!
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On Sunday, April 23rd @ 10:42 AM PST, Shia said:
thats a hot pic adam. keep em coming.