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04/30/2006: "More Cakes [Pics]"

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So, I find out I'm not too great with piping buttercream, so perhaps traditional wedding cakes will not be one of my main focuses, fondant topped wedding cakes maybe... We'll see how I do in the wedding cake section. Now is the regular cake section. Let's see how I did... So, I'm not so good with buttercream, but piping chocolate figurines is another matter. Ok, so maybe I'm good tracing with piping chocolate, I will probably suck at freehand, heh.

Not bad if I may say so myself. Which is a good thing since I had to use my l337 piping skills for my next project.

This is a Sacher Torte made with a Sacher buscuit chocolate and apricot glazes and, yes, the S on the top stands for Sacher. A cute story, brought this cake to Caffe Adria where I frequent (and where my brother works) and gave it to one of the girls there (don't you wish you lived closer to me? then YOU'd be getting all my goods) and she says, '''S' for Sarah?!'' I wasn't sure what to say but I politely said ''yes er no''. HA. As you can see S is for Sacher, but I put my own name on one of my pieces. Another funny thing I did was put my first initial on one of the pieces. Shortly after, I realized I spelled ASS on my cake and had to do our line up of all of our pieces for Chef. As he looked at our cakes he reached my table and I just looked at Dylan and just laughed with her as he looked at my cake pieces. Luckily for me, I don't think he noticed.

Above is the Diplomat Cake, a nice cake with pastry cream, fruit jam, and topped with macaroon paste flower petal looking designs. These petals are filled with thinly sliced fruit. Yum!

Next is, simply, a caramel cake. A great tasting chocolate almond sponge mixed with a yellow cake, filled with a caramel mousse, and it has a short dough cookie bottom. The real trick to this cake is getting enough color from the caramel but without burning it or getting it too bitter.

Above is a Poppy Seed Layer Cake, in between the layers is a layer of whipped cream and thinly sliced strawberries. Unfortunately, the cake is only good the same day as it had died and became too dry by Sunday.
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