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04/24/2006: "Post-Final Woes, Chocolate, and Princess/Marzipan [Pics]"

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So, I'm a little said because my last section is over. It's one of the sections I had a great time with. Although, I believe there's an Advanced Plating section where I can shine HA. So, now I give you the past few days:

Above is a Chocolate Mint Torte with a Golden Touch. It's a nice chocolate mint sponge with a chocolate glaze with a thin, thin film of gold. Yes, gold, or it wouldn't be called ''Golden Touch'' LOL. Something happened and somehow it was kinda dry. But damn doesn't it look great HA.

So, above is a Princess Cake, which marks my first cake with a layer of marzipan on top. This cake is a yellow sponge cut in three layers, bottom layer coated with cake syrup and strawberry jam, middle layer coated with cake syrup and bavarian cream, and the top layer is coated with cake syrup and whipped cream then the whole thing is layered with green tinted marzipan. The funny thing is, NO ONE can explain why the Princess Cake is traditionally topped with tinted green marzipan... NO, those are NOT my hands LOL...

This exercise of rolling out the marzipan spawned my want to play with marzipan in class. My partner, Roxi, started by showing me how to start a rose, but then she rolled it into a ball, and I looked at her with my mouth open and she was like, ''what?'' She didn't know I wanted it, I was so sad LOL. So before I left class, she left before me and she left a little green rose on my area, Hehe. (we had leftover green marzipan) So, I went home and played with marzipan. I actually made some... decent roses.

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On Thursday, April 27th @ 08:21 AM PST, Shia said:
something about consuming gold just doesnt seem right.
got any lead covered biscuits? maybe a mercury-filled croissant?
i guess its just about pure decadence. like owning a $1000 pen or something.
everything looks great tho!