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05/16/2006: "The Lake House [Link]"

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Who else thinks America is devoid of any type of originality, creativity or whatever. Why must Hollywood REMAKE Asian films. They say imitation is the best flattery, why not just get the rights and import the film?! I rant because my mom showed me The Lake House, and it's a direct redo of one of my favorite Korean movies ''Il Mare.''

I wonder how Hollywood will mess this one up. OH, they already have! Keanu? Anyone see the ''Matrix''? ''Whoa!'' What about ''Bill and Ted...'' ''Whoa'' I can even remember a commercial for a cable airing of the ''Matrix'' where they cut pieces of where he was talking to the Oracle and it made him sound completely... brain deficient. The guy just can't act...

I'm sorry, but I feel this is an insult to the original ''Il Mare.'' Why must America pick up Asian (any of them) movies and redo them. Get the rights to the original subtitle (yes, subtitle. I hate listening to the crappy English voice acting) it and send it to the theaters. Don't change/add anything. If America doesn't like it, oh well, you didn't pay multiple millions of dollars for high priced Hollywood stars and you just reaffirm that America is stupid when it comes to GOOD movies. Hollywood with the ''blow it up it'll sell'' attitude, it's no surprise.

My opinion, go pick up Il Mare. If nothing else, during the movie you won't think of a speeding bus or ''Whoa''. Stop making American versions of GREAT Asian films and get some creativity.

...END RANT...
Bitching by Adam @ 06:35 AM PST

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On Tuesday, May 16th @ 02:39 PM PST, Shia said:
If you're trying to sell to me that its a one-way street and Hollywood rips off the rest of the world, then I ain't buyin. You think that Asia never rips/pays homage to American movies? It's all over the place. Now if its a shitty remake, thats one thing, but its totally untrue to say that Asian films never remake American movies or movie ideas. Have you seen the major Chinese shoe brand logo? It looks exactly like a curvy Nike checkmark.
I definitely agree that they should just be sending more original foreign flicks to the theatres though. That would rule.
On Tuesday, May 16th @ 03:06 PM PST, Adam said:
Ah, ok here's my point, Asia is infamous for bootleg and much stealing. Seeing really good fake bags, gucci, LV, etc, is stupid. I'm sure Asia steals ideas as well, (I can recall a story of one of my favorite Korean singer girls in some heat with Britney Spears. Not to mention all the American songs they sing in their concerts. I'm sure I've shown you some.) but I don't live there. Do I disagree with their conduct as well, sure. But this isn't a bitch about Asia... I would just like to see the originals come to America. But then look how long it took Jackie Chan to actually be popular since the FIRST time he brought a movie over. I mean, it's starting to come out in the American theater more and more(see: CTHD, Hero, Kung Fu Hustle) I would love to see more. I think the biggest bitch, if I had to pick just one is the casting. Seriously, Keanu?
On Tuesday, May 16th @ 03:15 PM PST, Shia said:
yeah, ok, I agree. Americans don't wanna read subtitles or not see lips match words and have weird sound. Guess what, they don't have to cuz we're in the epicenter of movie entertainment! yay! unfortunately it does mean we don't get to see many movies (and thus ideas) in original forms and contexts. boooo! when people think foreign movies (i don't, cuz like you i was raised in the bay) i bet they think of french movies. but as for me, i only eat freedom fries!!!