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05/19/2006: "ADVANCED Cakes [Pics]"

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The new section brings the Advanced Cakes, Cookies, and Advanced Plating section. It'll be interesting because the final is the dreaded wedding cake. Will Adam be successfull in the execution of the wedding cake? I hope so.

Below is a Black Currant Cake made with... black currant. It has a nice short dough cookie bottom and mirror glaze on top. It's tasty!

Next is the Frangelico Mousse Cake, I don't know what it is, but it's pretty. I think frangelico is some sort of liqueur, but I've never had it. You might notice the chocolate dome in the center, it's the start of the odd looking cakes. I just can't wait until we do the puzzle cake.

Next is the Strawberry Bagatelle, the third cake of the gelatin set cakes. This one is an yellow almond sponge on bottom then a vanilla bean lemon verbena bavarian cream filling (sans the lemon verbena) and of course strawberries inside! All is topped with a green marzipan and I added a marzipan rope heart and yes, those are MY marzipan roses. I'm getting quite good with roses. I can't wait to get into some sugar pulling extra class!

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