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06/13/2006: "Riding Late"

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Last night from about 8:21PM, I went riding with Ronny. We went all over the place, to moO's house, all around Saratoga, Big Basin, Lawrence Expressway, De Anza. I managed to run out of gas, then for some reason my battery died and we had to push start it.

At 9:58 PM Ronny called up a couple people and we met up at a house, where we met up with three of his friends. Little did we know they were going to take us up highway 9 to Skyline. All of us were still really new at riding, in addition to the fact that it was already late, we took it fairly slow. I took up the rear since I've had my license the longest and so I could make sure Ronny was ok since he's the newest.

I wish I had a good night time camera or even a camcorder, I would love a video of the events, and a good picture of the view of Skyline. We came down from Skyline by way of Page Mill Road. Ugh, there's so many stupid potholes in the beginning of that street. Then we took Ronny on his first freeway ride. LOL, I bet he was sh*tting bricks. I wasn't so lucky and I went on my first freeway ride by myself, at night, when there were still a few cars our. HA! This was at 12:30ish with a group.

All in all, it was a great ride, it was nice to have someone and a group to ride with. It's not as fun alone, I like riding, alone is ok if I have to. But, yeah more is better. The one thing I have to bitch about during the Skyline run, it was f'ing COLD... going an average of, say, 45 mph the wind hitting my head and legs was like ice. I shoulda worn my leather pants + sweatpants HA. Maybe next time. Althoughit was freezing, it was completly outweighed by how much fun I had. ...Thehe craziest thing about the whole night, other than it lasted until 1AM... I had a final this morning from 7am-Noon!!! (more on that later) Oh man I was a zombie this morning, more than usual. But, DAMN, was it worth it!
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