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06/13/2006: "Cake, Plate and Buffet Decoration Final [Pics]"

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Let me start with something that wasn't today, but last week sometime and I've been too lazy to type it up... Below is my Ruby Pears with Verbena Bavarois. On top is a tuile paste ''Symphony of Circles.'' I hope you like bird. I took the design from the book, but drew it freehand in chocolate.

So, today was the Cake, Plate and Buffet Decoration Final, and if you read the previous post you'll know it was a pretty tough day for me. I totally lost my head. I forgot my phone, wallet, apron, I didn't shave, I had my earring still in. I'm sure I had bags under my eyes. Ugh, I was a mess. Luckly, I didn't let it phase me in my practical final, I hope =) Today, we were to do things that were done yesterday all over again, but this time it counted... We were to prepare a liqueur soufflé and 12 Petits Fours Glacé. Unfortunately, because it was a soufflé, I wasn't able to get any pictures of it. Chef had to critique it as soon as it came out of the oven and it sunk before Chef was done talking and I couldn't get to my camera fast enough, oh well. Just think in your mind a perfect looking soufflé, 'cause that's what it was =).

Below are my Petits Fours Glacé. Again, as Chef says, ''I expected this from you.'' ...Now that I think of it, is that a good thing or a bad thing? LOL I'll take it as a compliment HA. Yes, that's my mark again, WONG. Don't forget it, You'll see plenty of it on my work, if I ever get my own shop. The Petits Fours Glacé we made are made from frangipane sheets layered with apricot jam, topped with buttercream and marzipan, then poured fondant is... well, poured on top. You might like my patits fours toppers =) They're pretty. If you don't know, they're Zantedeschia aethiopica... j/k well not, but it's called a calla lily. Not perfect, but tiny is HARD to do. Hope you like...

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