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06/26/2006: "Coming to a Close"

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One more day left, I can't believe it... What I can't believe is how much I totally f'ed up today. So, the story goes, I'm ahead of my schedule, got everything I wanted done. I finally got my cheesecake out of the oven and into the freezer, I look at my desk... F*CK! I forgot the sour cream, on a FINAL!... I couldn't do anything but tell Chef and redo it. We were allowed to stay an extra hour, but I was pissed 'cause I could have used the time to do more. Chef said all that would happen is that it wouldn't be as moist, but I had to have it perfect and ended up redoing it. I redid it even though I'm not sure how that little amount (5oz) of sour cream would affect it, but as Dylan said, ''Better safe than sorry.'' However, we tasted it, and it was still pretty damn good. Oh well, more cheesecake for me tomorrow... Well, time to rest for part two tomorrow. FINAL DAY!
Bitching by Adam @ 08:27 PM PST

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On Tuesday, June 27th @ 08:45 AM PST, shia said:
you'll never forget the sour cream again.