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06/23/2006: "Adam Wonka [Pic]"

music: Keane - Somewhere Only We Know

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In case you're not privileged enough to be on my Myspace (don't despair, I don't really add people, it's mostly for school people), here is my Myspace default photo of the moment.

You can call me Adam Wonka.

I've even added the ''Pure Imagination'' song on my profile LOL. I manage to get that song stuck a few peoples' heads every day, so fun.

It's still a mind blow that I only have two more days of school left. I'll be soooo lost without school. I have many questions that must be answered fairly soon... Is Vegas really for me? Am I going to be sitting there thinking to myself, what am I getting myself into? Will I have time to have fun there? Will anyone really miss me? There's a joke at school that everyones going to be sitting in their car, or at home, listening to the radio and one of the many songs we sing in class will play and they will start crying, ''I miss Adam and Robert!!!'' Too funny... Gosh, I hope I at least have Internet there...
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