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08/13/2006: "MARS [Vid]"

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I'm addicted to Asian Dramas again, thanks a lot everyone... HA here's my current drama: Mars. It's about a, that's right, motorcycle racer. He's a popular guy, and after being promiscuous he tries to win affections with a very shy girl. Does he get the girl? Will she change is promiscuous ways? Does he get hurt racing? I don't even know yet. But, just watching the series little things are thrown in piece by piece making you want to continue watching.

Other GREAT dramas to watch: Full House (not the one with Uncle Jessy), My Lovely Sam-Soon (My Name is Kim Sam-Soon) (She's a pastry chef!), and lastly Autumn in My Heart (it's really sad). Start watching! Youtube is your friend LOL.
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