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12/19/2006: "Update"

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So, in case you haven't heard or figured it out, I'm at EA again testing games. No, I don't need to hear another, "you spent how much on school, and you're doing what?" I've heard it all. No, I haven't completely abandoned the idea. But, right now I could really use the money more than the passion of an art.

A little scary, the past two mornings (today and yesterday), I believe, a bike went down on 101N creating the traffic I have to endure from Saratoga to Redwood City. I can't confirm monday, but there was a yellow bike standing on the side of the right shoulder without an owner. Today was a silver Yamaha, I think an R6, on its side next to the left shoulder... perhaps I shouldn't ride to work yet. HA.

So, we have a new addition to the family, other than the fact that my sister is moving back home, but she's also bringing home a friend. Her name is Honey and I believe she's a little havanese baby. I'm not a big dog lover, but it's hard to push away the little thing. Anyway, come see it, it's so duk-yee!
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On Wednesday, December 20th @ 12:32 PM PST, Shia said:
Another dog!? you guys always treat your dogs poorly. tell Tanya to take of this one for once.
i had to look up havanese cuz i had no idea what it was. here's what the genius of wikipedia tells you to do:
Havanese, even ones not to be bred, should go through several tests, including a one-time BAER hearing test, a CERF eye test annually, and a Patellar Palpation and Hip Evaluation. Soaping has also become a popular way for breeders to test health. It involves soaping up the dog to flatten the coat to its body and reveal the structure of the legs. Crooked, bowed or over short legs are a symptom related to many Havanese health issues, and dogs suffering from them should not be bred.
On Wednesday, December 20th @ 12:34 PM PST, Shia said:
woah, its says it can be used for mold and termite detection. make that dog earn its keep!
it also says:
The Havanese has difficulty in housebreaking and can take a year or longer to consistently train. This is due to a smaller bladder than many other dog breeds. Crate training or litter box training are two options to help aid in this difficulty.

The Havanese has a profuse coat that requires daily grooming. If one does not intend to show their dog, it can be trimmed shorter so as to require less brushing.

The Havanese, with their drop ears, need to have their ears cleaned to help prevent ear infections.

Though they are not a dog that requires long walks, Havanese are active and require at least a large, well-enclosed yard to run around in a few times a day. They will also use up energy tearing around and getting underfoot.

The Havanese is not a naturally yappy dog, but may alert its owners to approaching people. Usually acknowledging that you have heard their alert is enough to make them cease.