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01/29/2007: "Nike+ and Addictions [Link]"

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Um, so, does anyone else have Nike+ so I can add them to my list, or am I the only loser? LOL. God, I love stupid technology...

So, it's no secret that I am highly susceptible to addiction. No, Iím not talking about drugs (legal or otherwise), smoking or alcohol; Iím talking about simpler things, things easily stoppable with enough willpower. Iíve gone through things like sodas (my only Coke addiction, hehe), fast food, MMORPGs (Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, Flyff), video games in general, ETC. Iím also a stat addictÖ

WTF is a stat addict? Well, itís probably the OCD in me, but I like numbers. I mean look at my hockey website. Itís mostly numbers and figures and junk. I like having stats, how many of this and that or whatnot. So, add stats to a life situation, itís a live action MMO. So, what is it that makes me addicted to MMORPGs? Itís the strive to make ones stat better than another or oneís self; which is why I also like the Battlefield PC series where I can record how many kills, heals, revives, repairs and more just to make my rank higher. Enter Nike+.

Youíre probably asking yourself, what does videogames, stats and Nike have to do with each other? Probably not, but Iíll tell you anyway. Nike+ is big program where you have to have Nike+ shoes (duhÖ But I think they SHOULD be ď+Ē cause if not, Iím not sure where you can put the sensorÖ), iPod Nano (YES, Nano, this will NOT work with any other iPod. At least not at this time. Curse it, Ďcause I have to go out and get a Nano now, I already have a 4GB Mini and a 30GB VideoÖ), the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, a computer with iTunes (duh, if you have an iPod you probably already do), and the will to run.

And with that long run-on sentence Iíll reiterate simply with, itís a stat program that makes me WANT to run! Thatís always a good thing. So, Iím probably gonna give myself a good month before I get bored, and forget I have $100 running Nikes, $40 Sport Kit, $150 Nano and start playing more BF2142 and work out those statsÖ LOL I hope not.

So hereís my request to YOU: If you have a Nano (or if you donít GET ONE) and a pair Nike+, go get the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, and start running with me (online of course) and actually FINISH that New Yearís Resolution you make 3 years agoÖ (note: Adam doesnít ever make resolutions, but does hope to lose more weight and get a little tone back)
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