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02/20/2007: "Running"

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Ok, so none of you f'kers bought into my idea of working out this year and add me to a Nike+ challenge. Ok, yes, you need a iPod Nano and the Nike+ doohickey, but you don't need to buy the shoes. Interested yet? I just saved you $50-100!

So, anyway, last week I broke my trouble spot of 2 miles, and today I hit over 3 miles. This may seem like not such a big deal to you. But, for me it's HUGE. I hate running, but since aquiring Nike+iPod I can enjoy running more, especially on a different level; my tech side. I'm a computer nerd at heart and this really adds to my nerdiness. So, I guessed I'd drop this within a month, well I'm gonna hit that month mark soon, and it doesn't look like I'll be stopping anytime soon. I gotta hit those stats hard!
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