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04/23/2007: "Back In Hockey!"

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Finally, after taking last season off, mostly because of money and the team folded, I found another team to play with. I'm so excited! Last night was my first game since, what, end of last summer? I had a blast!

This already seems like a great bunch. Only one game and work together fairly well. I was playing in the DD league and this new team is in a little lower league, but the play speed seems no different. It'll be a while before I get my legs back, but hopefully not too long.

Anyway, I took first shift at my usual spot at center. A little surprising as I'm new with this team and kinda was pushed ahead with a ''go get 'em'' type of feeling. I love it. I even managed to get the preseason's first goal! Great start to a new season on a new team. Can't wait for next week!
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