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05/06/2007: "Hockey Sunday + More! [Pic]"

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I know I said I would stop writing here about hockey since I used to litter up my blog with only hockey stuff (since my life didn't really have anything interesting to say) but whatever, I'll relate this more to personal. Not to mention I'm now on a different team and can't really post in the old Misfits section anymore because it wouldnít make any sense. Anyway, today was a total bust. Supposedly, this team won the last finals by a lot and did not move up in levels. Well they kicked our ass 6-0. I didnít play my 100% because of below.

I took a puck to the shin like the first shift out. I turned my foot just right where it didnít hit my shin guard. Friggen hell. It looks much worse in person.

Today was a stupid weekend to have hockey. Downtown was crazy, so many cops, roadblocks, etc. Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, so the Mexican flags were on full display everywhere. I actually missed my damn exit cause they closed it all off. I had to take this fking detour that took me an extra half an hour, I was almost late. Lucky for me I wasnít and got to play the full game. Also lucky for me, I had my friend, tomtom, in the car. LOL

PS... I am really beginning to hate MTV and their stupid shows and lack of music. Maybe that's just a sign I truly am getting old...
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