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06/08/2007: "Back From Hawaii"

Archived Entry:
Ok so I'm a week late. I've been really busy and stuff. Gotta get back in shape and lose my vacation weight. Ok, so I didn't really eat all that much, but I only ran once while I was over there. I got a new toy while in the islands, but I'll wait until I get a few pictures to announce it. Not that it's a HUGE deal or anything. I did get some sun, even some rain. While in Hawaii, my Aunt and Uncle from Oahu brought the cousins over for a weekend visit. They even got to bury me in the sand. So that was my nutshell vacation. It seems the more I go to Hawaii, the more I DO NOT WANT TO COME BACK TO CALI! =(
Bitching by Adam @ 08:22 PM PST