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07/15/2007: "Hockey Sunday - Hot Afternoon"

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Ugh it was so HOT today, not really fun playing hockey on a hot day. Why, you ask? Wouldn't it be great to get out of the sun into gold ice skating rink? Sure, that's great, playing hockey is great. However, once I'm done with hockey and am really sweaty, going into the hot sun is NOT fun.

Anyway, posts here are scarce, so I'll just pat myself on the back once in a while for a well played game. Today, like I said was a HOT afternoon, 2:30PM game. We'll long story short, I played very well today. Got my first hat trick of the season.

The first goal was a decent wrister far-side blocker. The second one I was standing with my back to the goalie and kind of backhanded it between my legs and into the net. The third, I can't really recall. However, I had lots of help all around me, I didn't do al the work. It was a great team effort by all. Not only did I get my hat trick, we won the game something like 2 - 7. This feat is probably not impressive if I tell you that we played against the team we're tied for last place with... and with another team... Either way, a well played game by all!
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