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03/23/2008: "More Work Stress and Stuff"

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I probably havenít told many about whatís been going on with my life lately. Itís mostly because my life, like most people, revolves around work. I just happen to work at a place where Iím not allowed to talk about the projects Iím on until theyíre actually released. Itís not high security or anything, but it is sensitive software.

However, I can disclose some things that happened to me recently at work. I know I havenít told many, but I have recently become permanent at Electronic Arts. (Note: I donít work at ''EA Games'' or ''EA Sports,'' just EA or Electronic Arts. EA Games/Sports/etc Ö is a brand.) Since becoming permanent Iíve had to think about a great many things. I have to know where Iíve been and where Iím going.

Anyway, I was just moved to my current project, into a new building, with new people. It was two weeks of learning the game and process to which everything runs. Itís Thursday, noonish, and my coworker looks and me and says, ''What are you doing at 5?'' I reply, ''Nothing.'' He informs me that heís bringing me to a meeting. On the way to the meeting he says to me, ''Tomorrowís my last day.'' Completely stunned, I walk into the meeting after him. After the meeting Iím completely clueless as to what was said and ready to just crack.

The next day we sat in a few shorter meetings and Iím still clueless. Sometime in the afternoon he gets taken by HR much early than expected so he can sign his exit papers. **aaannnd camera wipe** Itís about 5 oíclock and one of the managers comes by my desk and asks something to the effect of, ''Whereís the work we were promised? We need to know if the Engineers need to work this weekend.'' I have this blank stare like Iím completely clueless, which I was. Emails get sent to our managers of that team not happy. Reply emails get sent back and forth. Iím just stressing because I have no idea WTF is going on, and worried that because theyíre looking at me that itís somehow MY fault. So to make an already long story short, it took most of the rest of the Friday and a whole Saturday to get things squared away and everything was solved.

Fast forward to today, itís been a little over a month and as far as I know, and I try to get feedback from my managers and the other team managers to see how Iím doing, and so far itís very positive. I do look around sometimes and realize that Iíve been at EA for a while now, and I get paid the same as some of the people in 209. Yet, now, after moving to 250 I do much more than if I had stayed in the old building. Itís not really complaining, because I like what I do MUCH more than just sitting staring at a screen hoping I can find a bug.

All in all, I think Iím happy where I am, and thatís ALWAYS good. (although I could always use a pay raise, LOL)
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