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06/02/2008: "Motorcycle Accident"

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So, it's that time of year when everyone is riding the motorcycles again. Not only because the weather is nicer, but add to the fact that gas prices suck like crazy. But based on those facts, there will be more bikers on the road and with more bikers on the road, there's going to be more biker accidents. ...Too bad for me, today was my day.

I leave work like any other day. Surprisingly enough I'm mello and not speeding. I'm in no hurry to get home. The carpool lane comes to a slowdown, I see a space in the lane beside me and several carspaces ahead, I get into the lane and a car swerves into the lane. I swerve further in the number two lane, but not into the 3rd lane, and the bike slides away from me. All four lanes are at a dead stop. I push the bike to the far right shoulder and assess the damage. No major bodily harm, luckily I wear my full leathers on the freeway. The whole right side of the bike is scarred, parts missing, and the heart breaker... my forks are gone for ... again... This is the third time I'm going to have to replace these forks. Anyway, I thought Id write it here first just to say Im ok. OH, and thanks to Gordon for driving all the way to EPA to pick me and the bike up.
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