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08/04/2008: "Bikes, Bikes, & Geico [Pics]"

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It has come to my attention that I never posted up pictures… DUH. So, here’s the long awaited pictures.

Note: This is with the handlebars STRAIGHT.

Note: This is with the wheel STRAIGHT.

So, I had two really good deals of bikes in my hand and for several reasons I let it slip away. However, that's the past. This Saturday I walked into the dealer and left with a brand new '08 Honda CBR600RR. This has been my dream bike for quite a LONG time and I'm so stoked to have it in my stable. I was close to giving up and settling on a R6 or a Gixxer, but I'm VERY happy with my decision. Here she is!

Crappy pictures I know. I just had to take a few for this entry. I'll have PLENTY soon. I think the best thing about this whole thing is the fact that I can say, "I just saved a bunch of money on my bike insurance by switching FROM Geico!" Yup, I said it. HA, so, my current provider originally quoted me $2k a year for full coverage. Not surprised by that amount, I quickly went to the Geico website and got my motorcycle quote. $1.1k. Much better. I quickly purchased it and rode to work. Later in the day my agent from my main company calls and says through some "loopholes" she got me $200 per 6 months. I respond that I'll accept and quickly call Geico customer service and cancel that. So, yeah, I just saved a bunch of money on my bike insurance by switching FROM Geico! LOL. Yes, I'm a dork...
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