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10/28/2008: "Congratulations Shia and Sophie"

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So, this past Sunday was a last minute thing for Shia. What’s so special about Sunday that I have to dedicate an entire post for it? Well, it was my closest friend from 1st grade’s wedding to his fiancé Jie (Sophie to most of us Westerners).

Thrown together in around a month, it was really pretty and well planned. Hidden in the woods of Boulder Creek, the wedding was on the deck of a small town restaurant with friends and family. It was surprisingly hot that day and silly me I’m in a suit because I was in the wedding. I’m not sure if you can see it in the pictures that I’ll post later, but beads of sweat were rolling down all of our brows… Even more so Shia. But, he loosened up quickly, which is good…

Near the end of the ceremony, Shia, being of the Jew persuasion had to step on the glass to break it. Well in his first attempt, it didn’t want to break. The second attempt resulted in the stem breaking off and the cup part flew at me hitting my leg. HA…

The afternoon proceeded without many problems; except for the movie slideshow of the couple’s growing up pictures. The DVD player didn’t like being used too long. Other than that, it was a great day for the happy couple, friends and family. Except that the meat had mushrooms on it… Oh, and I don’t recall the bouquet being thrown… which is probably a good thing. The last time I went to a wedding it went straight for our GFs. Luckily they all dodged it, and it was thrown again, weirdos.

I’m not much for words anymore, so I’ll steal some pictures later. Congratulations Shia and Sophie (Jie)! I really have to stop using both of her names. I’ll just pick one in the future =).
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On Wednesday, November 5th @ 12:12 PM PST, Shia said:
Thanks! Great to have you a part of it!