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12/13/2008: "Vegas Baby [Link]"

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So, I got into Vegas and found out that I forgot my camera... Luckily I don't ever do that when we go to Hawaii. However, I wish I did bring the camera because the room is soooooooo big. When we checked into the Hilton properties, the front desk guy says, ''...floor 36, Penthouse.'' I'm thinking, wow nice, but are all rooms ''Penthouses?'' When we go to the room, my jaw dropped. I've stayed in some nice rooms but, damn. Huge.

Here, take a look of what the place looks like. Sorry for the crappy video, my video camera sucks on my Palm Treo 650. (Kinda wish the Blackberry Storm was much better than it was on release, the Centro camera is... Meh.)

Yes, thats an open tub with jets, seperate from the shower. Anyway, it's late, and I gotta sleep. Yeah pretty stupid sounding considering where I'm at. But SOMEONE is snoring beside me. So, yeah, its a shame none of yall could make it to Vegas. There's still an open room here. I'll try to get a better video of the place. I blame YouTube, HA.
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