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10/07/2002: "Dave & Buster's"

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Dave & Buster's has to be one of my most favorite hang out spots. Video games, munchies, & alcohol, what more could one ask for on a Saturday night? Sure, maybe more or better games, but it's still cool. So, this Saturday I got to get out of the house and play some games. Out with me was Shia and moO. Had a litt-o al-key-hol and won some D&B tickets. Yes, yes, Adam sucks at B-Ball.
Bitching by Adam @ 10:36 PM PST

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On Saturday, October 12th @ 04:18 PM PST, jesse says said:
no, DnB's sucks it... the epitome of cosumer culture taking away our night life. Might as well party at Ply Esthers... gag!