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10/07/2002: "Ice Hockey Sunday"

Archived Entry:
Last night was one of the hardest games we've played, ever. With only 8 players plus a goalie we suffered a near no-rest 60 minutes, while the opposing team had 3 full lines and plenty of rest. Despite our large handicap we played our best game to date. Still out-shot, but the margin the smallest it's ever been, we ended the 60-minute endurance game with a 2-2 tie. I'm sure that was the best we could hope for. Drawing 3 penalties for the night, I was beaten up pretty badly. One of those penalties I was in front of the net and had just gotten a nice shot (unfortunately, all I got was goalie pads) then was crossed-checked from behind. The second penalty was in the opposing corner, where I was literally lifted in the air, and as I fell I landed face first (with my feet in the air) into the ice. I can still feel the pain in my neck. 3rd period I jumped to my shins and stopped a shot with the top of my kneecap. Yes, the small part where there is no padding. I gonna have a big bruise there! I can't wait 'till next week!
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