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10/28/2002: "Hockey Sunday"

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Wheee. A whole weekend of hockey! Saturday was my brother, Phillip's, game. Then yesterday I watched the Sharks lose another one. Then, later that evening, I played my game at the San Jose Logitech Ice Centre.

After the first period was over we were down 0-1, which was odd, because throughout the game we were out shooting them, we just couldn't convert them to goals. Around 2 minutes after the start of the second period, I was on a 2 on 1 with my center, he passes it back to me, taking the defense with him so it was 1 on 1 with the goalie, I wait until the last possible moment and pull the trigger. GOAL, glove side! I like it fancy, heh. I was denied 6 other times, with 2 really good glove saves by the opposing goalie. Which made it 1-1. The last 30 seconds of the game, the score was 2-2, and we were on the other side several shots go to the goal, but are all denied. The puck was cleared to our half of the ice and struggle a few seconds over there but manage to clear it up to center ice. The left winger and I get a good break away 2 on 0, then the horn blows, the game ends 2-2. If only we had a few seconds we would have had another scoring chance. I think we would have gotten it too. Oh well, at least it wasn't another loss. Plus, I scored a goal! Good thing too, this made yesterday's +/- a 0 yay...
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