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10/29/2002: "Money, No More. =("

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Ok, so by some odd chance, my prayers have somewhat been answered. I managed to lose another job. I wasn't fired, but rather, the project was ended around the time they told us it would. They said it would be around a month or two, at most until the end of the year. I thought it was the most boring job to have, but it was income so I guess I didn't mind it too much. Plus, I didn't have any immediate supervisor, so that was cool too. But, I really hated just sitting there doing nothing. I guess a lot of time I wasn't doing anything; I was helping customers, officially. For the most part I was either sleeping in the car, playing Hot Shots Golf 3 on PS2, playing Super Smash Brothers Melee on Game Cube, wandering the store aimlessly, or chatting with the guys in the camera isle or computer section. But, it has all come to an end. No more job, YES! No more money, NO! Well, time to look for another (good paying) job.
Bitching by Adam @ 08:06 PM PST