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11/18/2002: "Weekend Post [Pic]"

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This weekend was a rather eventful one. I started the middle of the week with a few toys for my PS2. I got the ever rare (now probably not) network adapter, a USB keyboard, and a pretty cool game called Socom. It's sort of a watered down version of Counter-Strike (CS). Why watered down? It has many features that CS has, but CS is just a better built game with more things to play with like full host/server control, visual chat (the chat is ONLY thru the headset during the game, and text between full games), and other things. The biggest downside is the headset. While well made, if you break it, you're a little S.O.L. That is unless any USB headset will work, I haven't tried yet, and I probably won't until the time comes. Which I hope is never... Knock on wood. The day I got it, I had my brother play. I got him so hooked on it that we had to go get him a copy of Socom and a network adapter the next day.

Friday night I watched ''Resident Evil'' with moO. I'm a little apprehensive about watching scary-type movies with her since she's so damn jumpy. Yeah... Someone should have told her it was that type of movie, LOL. We rented ''Spider-Man,'' but haven't had a chance to watch it yet. We prob watch it tonight.

Saturday night we had a little drinking thing at moO's house with the WongChickClan and the BFs. Played a little Scrabble and managed to get beyond the lowest score. I got a 60 something where as the 3 chicks scored over 100, even Dree... Then we just chatted about nothing, about anything. Oh and... Yeah, I think I got a little more than red from my best friend Al K. Holl...

Sunday I didn't do much. Shia came over and we watched ''Moulin Rouge'' and I felt like heaving the whole day. But, I'm not the type to do so. I know it'd probably make me feel better, but throwing up isn't the most fun thing to do either.

Hockey night sucked ass!!! I finally got over my hangover just in time (lucky me) but still managed to play horrible. I was getting knocked around time after time, to which the ref responded, ''He can't skate.'' F U Muther F'er! I broke a stick. I got a penalty for high stick where my opponent lifted my stick and hit himself in the head. WTF call is that, you stupid ref. Yeah, I find out mid-game that one of the refs was right out of ref school. F U. At first there wasn't ANY calls, which was BS because the ONE call that WAS made was on me. I was hit in the head with people's sticks twice after my penalty. Any calls? F no. Next time I'm gonna skate next to the ref and check that mofo. Stupid bastard. Yeah... Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, (and my bitterness shows it) we lost again making our F'D up record 1-5-2, our only win being a bye. Sh't we gotta get better...

On a good note, heres my new girlfriend ...


Bitching by Adam @ 05:50 PM PST

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On Wednesday, November 20th @ 10:12 AM PST, moO said:
wasn't aware that SOME1 got rid of his old girlfriend... hrmmmm... i guess it's good that i dreamcheated AGAIN & gave that hot guy my number the other nyte...
On Wednesday, November 20th @ 03:58 PM PST, pam said:
you didn't come to my party! :( and when you gotta hurl, you gotta hurl... you can't control it...
On Wednesday, November 20th @ 04:16 PM PST, Adam said:
Obviously you CAN control it.
On Wednesday, November 20th @ 04:25 PM PST, Adam said:
Who said anything about get rid of? I have multiple. Muahahahahahhah
On Thursday, February 3rd @ 06:47 PM PST, dave said:
I hate you.
On Thursday, February 3rd @ 07:03 PM PST, Adam said:
Who the **** are you?