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11/24/2002: "Hockey Sunday"

Archived Entry:
Add another friggen loss on the stats sheet. Oh, I already did. Damn, we gotta win the last couple games just to not get last place. The one thing that never gets old when playing hockey? Getting sat on by a guy twice your weight 3 to 5 seconds after the check and then to say, ''Ooops?" ... Nice.

I had a few scoring chances that didn't turn out in my favor. Yeah, well, I don't play too well when I don't have an audience. Don't believe me? Tough, I know it's true, and I DO have proof. In any case, I had a 1 on 0 against the goalie and was checked from behind when I was shooting, I proceded to slide toward the goalie and no call was made. In the official rule book, thats a penalty shot. But there was no call, so F U. My other big scoring chance was another 1 on 0 wide open break away, a few dekes, pull the trigger, and aw, goalie stick. Bah. I had a pretty good play with my wings (I played 1st line center today) 3 on 1, I was coming down the boards with the puck, I saw the wings to my right, held the puck a little longer to reach the goal and get a good pass on stick, and pass it, and nothing, intercepted and cleared. I passed it a little too late. Well, at least I'm looking around and passing more now instead of going all me. That a good team mate... Oh, well, by odds we gotta win one soon, even if by mistake.

I think we need team jerseys. Maybe the refs will take us a little more seriously. Yes, I said we need team jerseys. We look like the friggen first season ''Mighty Ducks,'' or the ''Bad News Bears'' of hockey. Oh well. Maybe we'll win one soon...
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