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12/05/2002: "Happy Birthday ME!!!!!!!!! and Stuff."

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First thing's first I hope everyone had a safe and happy Turkey Day. This year I didn't spend it with my own family. I spend it with moO's I think that's a first for me. Well, it's not a first that I don't spend Thanksgiving with family, I think I haven't done many holiday family functions in a while... except Christmas, but duh! This whole Thanksgiving break, my brother, Phillip (I know I don't mention him much here... or anywhere), had a Thanksgiving hockey tournament. Yes, Phillip's in hockey too. He started the same time as I, but proceeded when I decided to go another route. Darn, I should have stayed in it; alas, that's another matter. So, his team placed 3rd only because they managed to lose, I think, to the SJ Jr. Sharks. The whole long weekend things kept getting higher priority than his hockey, but I managed to get out there this Sunday and watch his 3rd/4th place game. He scored 2 goals of the 4-2 game where they won and placed 3rd. But, all I could do is badger him as to why he didn't score on that breakaway he had. Ha! What else are big brothers for?! The crazy thing about the weekend is that they found out that one of their team members had to sit out of the tournament because he had gotten into an accident and wasn't hurt, just couldn't play. Later we find out from some gossip and the SJ Mercury News that there was an accident and a killing of a Los Gatos (?) teen involving a SUV. Apparently, it might have been a drunk driving thing. They think it was him. He'd now in, I think, Juvenile Hall, and waiting on sentence. One more push that it was probably him, is that someone told me that the coach claimed they had to find another defenseman. Kinda scary. Vehicular Manslaughter. Can you believe it? When the poor kid gets out of there and applies to a job, he has to check the ''have you ever been convicted of a felony'' box. I hope I never EVER have to check it.

I don't know how to segue from that other than... Anyway... Ah, yes. The annual ''Oh crap, I'm a year older'' day is here. This year is just another year. I can't wait for 1 more year, then I can get lower insurance AND be able to rent a car! But, that's pretty much it. Today, I'm gonna go to Hockey Workout with Phillip after school (he'll probably flake as usual), and to Olive Garden for dinner. But the weekend is where the party is. DAVE and Busters Milpitas 7ish for dinner and misc drinks. See if you can come find me there!

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On Thursday, December 5th @ 07:23 PM PST, moO said:
moO'z got 1st dibs: online & real-time!!

Happi 24th birthday 2 moO'z duMduM!!
On Friday, December 6th @ 12:30 AM PST, pam said:
happy birthday, adam!!!

yeah, this lghs senior died over the weekend, actually on thanksgiving... it's sad and really dumb all at the same time...