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01/06/2003: "Hockey Sunday et Week End Review. [Link]"

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Let me start with hockey, and then bitch about my week...

Sunday was a fairly good game, normally we come strong and have a solid lead, then give it back the next 2 periods. Sunday was just the opposite. We kinda let it go in the first period, I believe it was 2-1. But as the game progressed we really let 'em have it. Final minute of the game its 4-3 we pull the goalie and as the play is still going we have a 3 on 2, and from the bench our captain yells at the top of his lungs, ''SKATE, GOD DAMNIT, SKATE!'' How's that for motivational speaking? So yeah, we scored the goal to tie it all up and then had to fend off the other team for the remaining time in the period. We managed to actually NOT lose another game! Wheeeeeeee! Once again I did absolutely nothing this game. Except for that 3 minute penalty I got for cross checking. LOL, I deserved it. After the play was stopped, I just skated straight to the penalty box. Heh, Adam's a 5'3" goon! The guy I hit was at least 5'7" something like 175 lbs. Heh, I'm a goon. But, I have fun, that's what matters.

So, this week was kind of crappy. I started that job at the Stanford Hospital making those trays. I'm not liking it very much. It's boring but easy. But, I don't like standing all day, that's why I hated the Best Buy temp job. My back and my feet hurt not too happy. But, I'm a soldier, I do it and I do it with a smile. Unless I do something like lose my wallet. Yeah, I lost my wallet on Thursday. I stressed the whole day. Luckily, I got it back the next day. Ah, everything is all good

But, that same day, on the way to work, my car broke down. That balljoint bolt that connects to the steering knuckle snapped pressing the lower control arm onto my rim shredding it as I tried to park my car in a safe area. So now my rim is all f'ked up. So this weekend I spent it fixing my car and had to get an alignment 'cause that was all jacked up too.

But to add fuel to the fire, I somehow managed to lose my time card, nice... Last night, at like the last minute, I managed to find it under a pile of papers. I don't even know how it got there. What sucks is if I'm late I won't get paid that week and have to wait until the next week to get a pay check, but then I get 2. So maybe it isn't all that bad

So, yeah, my week wasn't too fun. Hope yours was better.

My future Laptop...

Bitching by Adam @ 12:13 PM PST

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On Tuesday, January 7th @ 12:17 AM PST, pam said:
my car broke down too... wah! :*( i feel crippled without MY car...
On Sunday, January 12th @ 12:13 AM PST, pam said:
what is up with the "et"? gettin' all french on us?
On Sunday, January 12th @ 12:41 AM PST, Adam said:
1. It's not only French.
B. And?