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01/08/2003: "Hockey... Wednesday?"

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So, why the heck does Adam have hockey on Wednesday? Well, if you had paid attention and read the webcalendar on the right, or hover the ''Hover for hockey standings.'' link, you'd know that I had my rescheduled HP Pavillion game today. Yes, it's where the Sharks play. So, when I stepped on the ice, it was one of the best ice I've EVER seen. The Sharks always complain about how crappy the ice is. At first I was like bah, I'll skate on it EVERYDAY! Then I thought, well if you have a fan packed sellout crowd in the stands, that's a lot of body heat to melt the ice. So, I guess their condensers are messed up or something.

On to the game. You'd think that of all odds, we'd win one even by accident. Well, today was our day, starting right from the gates we were up 0-2 somewhere in the last two periods we let one by making it 2-1. And that's the score it would stay. WE WIN! YAY making our pathetic record 3-8-3. I managed to stay even in the +/- but with a score 2-1, I'd have to feel bad if I was negative. I SHOULD have been positive, but I couldn't get the puck at the back of the net. I had plenty of chances, just couldn't convert it.

Somewhere in the mixed, I managed to draw 3 of the 4 penalties ( ''drawing penalties'' is when someone on the other gets a penalty and you're the one they ''attack,'' therefore, you draw the penalty.) on was when I was in front of the opposing goal and I was cross checked.

The second penalty was when an opponent and I were skating to the corner, I'm in front of him, I fall to the ground, I get up, and the guy behind me falls and somehow, he's like wrapped around my legs, all of a sudden I get checked from behind my head hits the boards. He gets a 5 minute major penalty for intent to harm and gets ejected from the game. Shortly after the hit on me, my winger retaliates and gets a 3 minute minor (what a guy!) so for 3 minutes we're 4 on 4 and after we get a 2 minute power play, and if I recall correctly, we scored on that ''power play''. But after that hit I don't remember much...

The third penalty was behind the opposing teams goal, I have the puck trying for a wrap around, and I get high-stacked. Wheeee. I hope they don't record who draws the penalties. I've drawn a lot of penalties, not only in this league, but all the time. Heh, this was the second person I got kicked out of the game. The other one was when I was back in the Ice Oasis.

All in all, I have to say it was a good game... finally. I think it would have been better if I could have gotten some points, either goals or assists, I'd take it. There's always this Sunday, where oddly enough we're playing the same team! Lame how they schedules it. Well, anyway, if anyone wants to check out the REMATCH, its Sunday @ 9 at Logitech Ice in San Jose, it's where the Sharks practice!
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On Thursday, January 9th @ 06:45 PM PST, duMduMz human spelling dictionary said:
hunni bunni. even after all the help i gave you, there are still spelling errors in your post!! come on now!! you need 2 rid yourself of the "worst-speller-on-earth" title... chop-chop!
On Sunday, January 12th @ 12:11 AM PST, pam said:
you think anyone pays attention? sports blah blah blah *eyes glaze over*
On Sunday, January 12th @ 12:12 AM PST, pam said:
p.s. jesse is a heavy contender on that not-so-good spelling title! :P (tis called proofreading...)
On Sunday, January 12th @ 12:37 AM PST, Adam said:
Don't like sports? (Hockey in particular is the only one I talk about; actually, I mostly talk about my hockey games) Too bad, go somewhere else then, no one asked you what you want.