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01/13/2003: "Wednesday Hockey Rematch!"

Archived Entry:
Let me just start with... WE WON ANOTHER ONE!!! AND we managed to actually play the WHOLE 3 periods! I actually found my place in this league. I can't score goals in this league. I'm the instigator. Of course, I don't actually start fights and get the ''instigator'' penalties, but I do stir up some crazy trouble with the other team. And every time I draw a penalty, I skate to my bench with a big smile on my face. Take today for instance, on Wednesday I already drew 3 penalties from this team + kicking out a player from their team (also causing him not to play this game either), but today I drew and extra 2. On the second penalty I was ahead with the puck and a guy comes from behind. Sensing I can't do anything I slowed down and he grabs me and I fall to the ground causing my second draw. The goalie bitches that it was a dive, so I go up to him and ask him, ''You have a problem?'' blah blah, seconds later I have another guy up in my face, ''What's with the f'king dive you sh't, etc...'' To which I reply, ''What? I can't hear you. Huh? What?'' hoping a ref would hear and issue an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. I'm SO mature. =) Too bad, all I could draw was the holding penalty. My mom said my team was yelling my name to get me to go to the bench and not start any fights, but I'm smarter than that. I just like to talk crap and try to draw something extra. =) So, I just skate to my bench with a big smile on my face. And the greatest thing about it is that we converted it into point! Although I didn't score the winning goal, I DID draw the penalty for the chance. I guess that's as good as it gets for now. After the power play our offensive first line scored the ''nail in the coffin'' making it 1-3, winning the game which doubles out wins for a record of 4-8-3. Not the greatest, but we're getting better. Hey, we're undefeated in 3 game! YAY us!

Now on the bad side. I had a couple REALLY good scoring chances, but couldn't get it into the net. On was a huge break away, but while dekeing I mishandled the puck and lost it. I should have pulled the trigger earlier. I did manage to get 3 shots. But, obviously didn't get it in. I think I'm due for a goal soon. Maybe next time!
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